WikiSTIK™ & WikiSTIK™ Mobile
by Think Agency

The WikiSTIK™ is a unique solution to an industry-wide problem that has existed for decades. Namely, how do building or technical product manufacturers like Boral, Hunter Panels, Atlas Roofing Corporation, Quanex and more, keep product literature and technical information updated for the audiences that need it most? The answer is the WikiSTIK.

Think Agency has developed numerous manufacturer technical binders and web sites. As an integrated partner with our clients, it was apparent that sales reps and marketing staff were frustrated with the process of updating printed binders and the distribution of outdated cds, dvds and flash drives. We put our application development team to work.

The goal was to provide a distributable, low cost digital binder whose content could be updated through a web-based control panel. The result is a sustainable way for manufacturers to distribute always-current technical and sales materials. "We spent a great deal of time evaluating application platforms, initially thinking that Adobe's Flash would serve our needs." recalls Jerry Eisen, Vice President. "Eventually, we found that Sun's Java provided the most desktop and mobile platform compatibility, as well as more control over sync performance."

While both the flash drive and mobile WikiSTIK versions continue to gain popularity, the countless ways in which our clients are able to expand upon its core functionality is astounding. "Frankly, we're shocked," said Dennis Claypoole, President. "We have thousands of WikiSTIKs in the field today with integrated features such as spec editing, advanced sharing, customized case study viewing and even integrated sales presentation delivery."

To further support this sentiment, the WikiSTIK can be integrated into almost any web site providing companies the ability to centrally manage documents on both their web site and their WikiSTIKs. Those not requiring single-source management can take advantage of a standalone control panel. Localization tools are also available allowing the restriction of content to certain geographic regions or to specific users. Companies whose web sites are based on the Th!nkCMS™ can even target WikiSTIK registrants through the CMS's e-newsletter component automatically.