ProAPP™ Expands
Atlas Pro Tools - And Its Brand

Atlas Roofing Corporation's residential products division is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials. To this end, Think Agency has played a critical role in helping Atlas build a reputation for digital innovations.

The most recent of these is the ProAPP™ for iPad - nothing less than a pocket-knife of business management and development tools for contractors. On its surface, the ProAPP is a powerful project management, estimation, and sales tool allowing individuals or groups to manage client leads, estimates/invoices, materials lists, or even give customized sales presentations.

Behind the scenes, however, the ProAPP integrates with more Think Agency applications driving Atlas's corporate web site. "We actually conceived of the ProAPP during a discussion about the warranty submission component in the contractor control panel," remembers Think Vice President Jerry Eisen. "We thought, the contractor has already collected this information - let's capture it at that point, reducing the need for rekeying the information later.

Preliminary functionality and visual wire-frames were developed and presented in contractor workshops to determine the viability of the ProAPP concept. Participating contractors of varied sizes agreed that the tools and reduced steps would benefit contractors. One-click warranty and rebate submissions were among the first "must have" features in addition to the project management tools. Visualized tools such as the Shingle Visualizer were refactored and included. Third party tools, such as EagleView® aerial roof measurement, were integrated giving contractors the ability to purchase reports using their earned rewards.

This process was streamlined because Atlas's web site and related contractor tools were already centrally managed through Think Agency's proprietary content management system (Th!nkCMS™). The site serves as the center of Atlas's digital marketing universe through which actionable business intelligence is gathered and used. As a matter of practice, all new applications, digital campaigns, and other marketing tools are built on this platform.

Likewise, all Atlas sales representatives, regional managers, and marketing personnel manage customer content through their own control panels provided in the Th!nkCMS™.

This integration of services for end users and content managers speaks directly to the many benefits related to centralized marketing processes - of which Think is a big proponent. It affords companies more opportunities for developing tools like the ProAPP that reduce data interactions, saving both marketers and customers valuable time.

Today, the ProAPP and related web-based contractor tools have been adopted by more than 4,000 contractors in North America. This digital tools-driven model continues to be the cornerstone of Atlas's marketing efforts, and the ProAPP is another example of how Think is helping make "innovation" Atlas's brand.