KINetic™: A Social Platform For Architects,
A Marketing Platform For Kingspan

Think Agency has built its share of digital visualization tools—from visual roof system configurators and system R-value calculators to shingle aging simulation tools; all of which have been uniquely effective in penetrating architect and design professional audiences.

Kingspan Panels North America's unique needs, however, quickly revealed that traditional tools would be, well, too traditional. Architects leverage expert level CADD tools daily for their visualization needs. Building a visualization component robust enough to integrate directly into these tools would be costly and yield only a singular benefit. Something groundbreaking was in order. We knew we needed to move architects on an emotional, visual and practical level. KINetic was born.

We believed that by providing architects a platform for sharing, connecting, and collaborating, they would create a community for ideation, concept mapping and learning, while at the same time giving Kingspan Panels access to an increasingly elusive target audience.

Here's how it works: KINetic™ is a web-based application built on Kentico CMS. Members of the KINetic community post their visual concepts, reference, discussions, and projects in "clusters" and "spheres," which are depicted graphically on the site in colorful, dynamic circles. This allows users to easily browse and search others' clusters and spheres to find the topics, projects, and inspiration they want.

One of the most unique application's dynamic clusters is each sphere’s ability to rise in influence and popularity within the KINetic community. As a sphere's followers and interactions increase, so too does its influence within the cluster. Cluster owners and followers can visually (kinetically) reorganize spheres within a cluster based on each sphere's influence or importance. These dynamically changing states inject powerful crowd-sourced insights into the designer's creative process. "Architects have continually been looking for resources to enhance their collective capabilities," said Keith Spurlin, Business Development Manager for Kingspan. "KINetic offers that in ways not found in any other social media community."

A myriad of collaboration tools exist within the application, allowing users to control privacy, invite participants, share on other social networks and even access and post from vast technical resources that are centrally available on the Kingspan Panels web site. Featured in multiple publications such as Architect, Metropolis Magazine and Walls & Ceilings, KINetic is gaining traction and is now poised to be the premiere social media network for architects, design professionals and student architects worldwide.